Weidinger Public Relations has employed the outlined strategies through our work with a number of clients:

  • Media Relations
  • Social/Digital Media
  • Media Visits & Tours
  • Special Events
  • Press Releases, Media Alerts & Pitches
  • Strategic Development
  • Deskside Visits
  • Guest Columns & Editorials
  • Internal Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Editorial Board Briefings
  • Website Content Development & Media Resources



media relations

Much of our work centers on working with the media to reach target audiences. Weidinger PR works with local, regional and national media in the areas of broadcast (TV and radio), online (news sites, blogs, etc.) and print (newspapers and magazines). Weidinger PR has earned a reputation with media as the source for accurate and timely information for our clients, and as an agency that utilizes its knowledge of news to present credible and timely information.

Social/digital media

Control the conversation with your customers online through online reviews, upgrades to websites, and timely, unique content on relevant social media channels. Weidinger PR is adept in creating memorable content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as reputation management.


Weidinger PR uses the four-step process of public relations: research, planning, implementation and evaluation. We’ve worked with multiple research firms to determine opinions, beliefs and awareness, and then developed plans, messages and tactics to achieve the changes in those desired. In addition to formal research, we use informal research from the Internet, community discussions, past media coverage, message analysis and existing data from other like sources.

community outreach

Since 1985, Weidinger PR has worked with a number of public agencies, including the TRPA, Kingsbury General Improvement District (KGID), the City of South Lake Tahoe and Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority to communicate key messages regarding projects that will impact the economy, environment and infrastructure. From communicating rate changes to road closures to fire safety, we have experience to ensure the public is aware of activities that will impact their daily lives.

public presentations/speakers bureau

Weidinger PR staff has extensive experience organizing and booking speakers for major events, public meetings and grass roots organizations. Additionally, Weidinger PR has conducted numerous media training sessions on environmental impacts, infrastructure issues and economic impacts of certain industry trends.

editorial board briefings

Weidinger has arranged Editorial Board meetings with key outlets for capital fundraising campaigns, public transportation efforts, as well as editorial direction.

press releases & ALERTS

Weidinger PR has a protocol to deliver detailed project calendars to keep assignments on target. The strategic planning tool includes press release timing, speaking engagements and complementary projects to ensure proper execution.

website content development & media resources

Weidinger PR has written content for client Web sites and developed online media resources – press kits, bios, fact sheets, audio, video, photo galleries, FAQs – for many clients.


Adept in navigating media relations, Weidinger PR is in tune with what clients and media need to create a successful visit that results in quality coverage. Weidinger PR has three decades of experience producing media visits and tours that include multiple cities and states.