operation sierra storm

Purpose: Have Lake Tahoe recognized as one of the country’s leading winter vacation destinations.

Objective: Generate national television and major feeder markets coverage of Tahoe’s ideal winter conditions.

Methodology: To scenically tell the story via television broadcasts utilizing Operation Sierra Storm, an annual network television meteorologists’

conference featuring leading scientists and experts discussing newsworthy topics, current and future trends.

When “Snowmageddon” hit in January 2017 during the conference, WPR utilized its long-standing relationship with The Weather Channel to spontaneously pivot and accommodate their leading weather correspondents Jim Cantore and Paul Goodloe for multiple days of on-site storm reporting.

Results: The 20th version of the conference established records for earned media value of $15.3 million and reached an audience of 31.8 million viewers.


6 Days Exploring the Destination’s Best

Purpose: For High Sierra golf to be recognized by media and the public among leading Western and national destinations.

Methodology: Created a major area-wide cooperative to sponsor and host an annual week-long event that would generate media exposure and awareness of the overall Tahoe-Reno-Truckee Carson Valley area.

Organized and partnered with six tourism organizations, 18 golf courses, more than 25 lodging properties, 10 restaurants and various attractions to demonstrate the unique characteristics, appeal and vibe of an area with 24-hour lifestyle, spectacular natural beauty, and highly rated golf.

Results: 2016 successes include 40 print, online and broadcast stories with an earned media value of $571,484; 19 years of ongoing success including media recognition and reputation where it previously didn’t exist.


New Brand Launch at Disney

Purpose: Launch a new brand for an existing flag hotel going independent while increasing hotel occupancy and business during transition period. 

Objectives: Generate database of 10,000+ potential customers within a four-month period. Increase hotel occupancy/average daily rate over same period previous year. Generate coverage and buzz among Disney digital influencers and travel media.

Methodology: Created, promoted and organized a major consumer contest awarding a one-week family vacation with air transportation, lodging,

Disneyland tickets, meals and other attractions as well as a special lodging offer for all entrants redeemable within six months. Promoted via media exposure focused on specific digital and online media outlines targeted to Disney aficionados. Invited influential Disney bloggers to the grand opening for first person experience.

Results: Generated a list of more than 40,000 entrants and increased occupancy and revenue over the previous year. The contest’s media outreach attracted the attention of Disneyland hotel reviewers generating a Sherman’s Travel check-in a number 6 placement on the top 25 Disneyland Hotels list by with 480,000 unique monthly visitors, 132,000 Facebook Fans, and 14,000 Twitter fans.


Leading International Cycling Competition

Purpose:  Present Lake Tahoe as a top national cycling destination for casual and competitive riders.

Objective: Generate local and regional media coverage of Tahoe in key drive and direct flight markets

Methodology: Utilize the Amgen Tour of California men and women’s competition as a centerpiece of public relations efforts to promote and reinforce the area’s reputation for cycling appeal with a plethora of mountain, roadway trails and major competitions.

Results: $700,000 earned media value; 68 million viewership/listeners in pre-event determined regional and national markets and media outlets.


Methodology: Utilize expanding array of media assets to leverage earned media: social media via partners, individual celebrities, digital influencers as well as network television, syndicated radio, AP, national magazines and major dailies and media websites.

Results: New record attendance exceeded previous by 13%; television ratings were up by 11%; social media coverage increased by 25% over previous year; overall story placement by 16%.

American Century Championship
Celebrity Golf Tournament at Lake Tahoe

Purpose: Display Lake Tahoe’s reputation for its celebrity, scenic and vacation appeal. Expand media coverage and appeal of event among television viewers and visitor audiences by 10%.